Blog Review 560


Nigel Lawson's new book on global warming gets a great couple of write ups. The biggest concern is probably that what the science and the scientists are saying seems not to be what the politicians are listening to.

It's only April and already we have a contender for oddest remark of the year. 

Tracking Zimbabwe's politics through popular music. 

Yes, it's all in WoN. No, really, even the economics of wine. 

Quite: how come everybody blames any of the problems of the past few decades on capitalism unhindered, free markets and laissez faire? We might have had freer markets, less hindrance, but certainly not laissez faire: it's been a mixed economy all along. 

Doesn't matter if you don't know what a Dunning Resolution is: help draft a new one. 

And finally, what the modern tax system is really like.