Blog Review 561


More selections of those old Tory posters mentioned above (or, erm, below, given the reverse order of blogs....). Here and here. There's some thought that the immediacy, the force, of the messages has declined over the years.

Here's the numbers on one country that has successfully dealt with climate change, emissions and keeping the lights on. Alternatively, here's what happens when you go nuclear.  

More on Ms. Abbess, that story that Tim W noted above (umm, below?).

One of the seriously important questions. As long as we're not insisting that all should be exactly equal, well then, how much inequality is too much? 

The essential difference between libertarians and the rest: libertarians do not invest government with higher moral status. 

The figures are in: private schooling really is cheaper than government provided. 

And finally, if you think tax rates are too low, you can always voluntarily pay more. (As a public service to Guardianistas, here in the UK make your cheques payable to "The Accountant" and post them to 2 Horse Guards Road, London).