Blog Review 563


When even Paul Krugman comes out against them (to add to Greenpeace, ourselves, FoE, WSJ, the Royal Society, in fact, everyone who has ever looked at the issue) then yes, biofuels are indeed a scam. Sadly, there's not much we can do about it here as the European Union are the only people not yet onboard and they make the rules.

How wonderful (if true, naturally), the about to be General Secretary of the Labour Party won't take the post because he's worried that said Party is about to go bankrupt. 

On the other side of the divide, Osborne seems to be thinking sensibly about macroeconomics. 

Newspapers versus readers: or how we get the newspapers that we actually desire, rather than what others think we should desire. 

To some extent (and only to some) it's misleading to talk of the "US" housing market crisis. As with the preceeding boom, it's very much a regional affair. 

Further proof that if you owe enough then it's someone elses' problem, not yours. 

And finally, translation errors and wouldn't it be wonderful if all doctors were this forthright?