Blog Review 567


From an odd source, Grist, but an interesting article arguing that we really don't need further subsidy or massive investment in solar technology. What was necessary has already been done, we just need to let it all mature.

Discussing the rhetoric of climate change and climate change scepticism: rhetorically, of course.

How is it that a Government supposedly dedicated to the interests of the working poor has managed to make so many of them worse off?

Other poor people seem to be doing better: Albania is getting better all the time. Amazing what a bit of free market capitalism can do.

Editorial cartooning isn't entertainment you know, it's journalism.

It's a slow Monday so the 50 best comedy sketches of all time. Yes, you have guessed correctly about which is the global number 1. Be rather difficult not to really.

And finally, another British triumph. The world's first ever Rickmob.