Blog Review 568


Further proof that markets are so often better than their absence. That point that Iran is the only place in the world with a market in kidneys for transplant and it's also the only place without a waiting list is getting another run around the park.

Whither the England of old? Netsmith rather preferred Shakespearean theatre to the security kind.

Explaining why you should never believe anything until Alistair Campbell has denied it.

Further shenanigans in Brussels. The bureaucrats really did want to see Hans-Martin Tillack's papers.

And yet more European joy: Spain's been hard done by the euro and there isn't any easy way out.

The full video of the arrest. Dancing to celebrate Jefferson's birthday is somehow a naughty thing to do.

And finally, a list of obssessive videos. How can you not be charmed by, for example, a listing of all of the utterances of the word "dude" in The Big Lebowski?