Blog Review 569


Lord Forsyth appears to have been reading one of our pamphlets again. Yes, of course raising the personal allowance is better than reinstating the 10 p band of income tax.

New words being invented. "Lukewarmer" rather describes Netsmith's view of this climate change thing.

Interesting responses to questions about where the tax money goes. "The Sheriff's Office will not grant interviews to explain....because officials say discussing the program fuels criticism." Not really an answer to that, is there?

I'm sure it's not quite what he meant: but George Monbiot seems to be calling for an end to organic farming.

A brief review of "Sex, Science and Profits". It's going to cause some controversy, arguing as it does that scientific research isn't a public good.

Oh dear. Paul Krugman hoist on his statistical petard. When looking at unemployment and economic participation, you do have to adjust both for gender differences and retirees.

And finally, the banking crisis reaches Japan.