Blog Review 570


As simple an explanation of the work life balance as you're likely to find: the important point being that it is different for different people (although those nervous of strong language might want to skip the last paragraph).

Another one of these happiness things. Marriage raises happiness: children decrease it. But you'd have to have 19 children to reduce happiness to the single childless state. Although, to be fair here, if your wife likes you enough to bear you 19 children, even that might not be true.

How odd. The bank that the Government owns isn't passing on the fall in base rates to borrowers either.

Now this is science, even climate science. Following the results and publishing them, even if they contradict your own previously held opinions.

And this isn't science. A list of things that might make you an "altie" (technically defined as one well on the way to "woo woo" status).

Businesses are starting to leave the country due to the tax and regulatory burden. No, not good news.

And finally, it's amazing the things you can win in magazine competitions. Even a divorce.