Blog Review 580


Harriet Harman's official blog was, as we know, hacked. Her. umm, log in details were, well fairly obvious. As she admitted on TV this morning. Ms. Harman is, of course, one of those leading us into a bright future of multiple government run databases which will contain every detail of our lives.

More ferrets in a sack as Lord Levy's memoirs are serialised.

Not to worry though, here's the definitive breakdown on how much of our law no longer comes from Westminster so what they say or do there doesn't really matter.

This could be taken to be a good thing, given the skill and competence with which they deal with those matters they do still have power over.

Very much from far out in left field: Ken Livingstone for Prime Minister?

Not a blog, but still an excellent rehearsal of the arguments surrounding legalisation of drugs.

And finally, he might have liked this headline and LoLcats meet quantum physics.