Blog Review 586


Yes, of course the news is dominated by BoJo today. Guido has a situation vacant ad, Wat hopes they are indeed listening, Fraser thinks BoJo simply sends a certain type mad, might the Archbishop of Montevideo be far behind and finally, simply gloating.

Google might solve energy problems: although it's worth noting that while every inventor of a great breakthrough was at first told he was mad, so have the mad been told so over the years.

Prices are solving at least part of the problem, as markets tend to do.

Environmentalism is of course causing part of the problem as well.

Cuba has lifted its ban on citizens buying certain products: anyone who then buys one faces a tax investigation.

Defending (in part at least) the FLDS and polygamy. A liberal society should indeed have room for such alternative (as long as voluntary) lifestyles.

And finally, no, absinthe does not make you spaced out because of the wormwood. It makes you pissed because of the 70% alcohol content.