Blog Review 587


So are economists actually describing the real world? Or are they simply projecting the biases of those who become economists onto it? Perhaps a test here. Does this economic explanation for monogamy convince?

Apparently it was Guido Wot Won It. As to what to do now there seems to be some conflict between auditing all those special advisors and getting them out of the building immediately.

This food crisis thing: what we actually need is more large scale commercial agriculture, especially in Africa. Worth noting that Zimbabwe was a food exporter not so long ago...

Enquiring minds would like to know. Was this in fact Labour's worst result since WWI?

Economies continue to become more energy efficient, meaning the price of energy becomes ever less important.

Just how non-lethal is the non-lethal Taser?

And finally, spam was 30 years old yesterday while the office computer revolution seems a little younger.