Blog Review 588


So we're getting the actual numbers in now. No, the current global food problems are not as a result of India and China getting richer, no, they're not a result of more meat eating. Nope, sorry Greenies, people are indeed starving and rioting because some bright sparks thought we should put food into cars. Well done!

It does look like the Great Moderation continues: what recession?

Evidence again that public subsidies to things that can be done by markets unaided might not be the very bestest use of resources.

Further evidence that the profit motive does indeed get things done: even when governments don't want that thing done.

And how about evidence that those who run governments are sometimes driven by the thought of personal profit?

Vintage Boris: there are at least some aspects of American life which (despite his actually having been born there) he won't be importing into London.

And finally, if even Ezra Klein thinks you're being a condescending elitist git then it's a fairly safe bet that you are indeed being a condescending elitist git. Even in a restaurant review.