Blog Review 589


Looking at the glorious attention to detail of the UK press. Dizzy and Croydonian note that Johann Hari seems not to know much about London. Tim Worstall (of this ilk) gets sweary about a diffferent mistake.

So, just what is your view of government then? Knowing that will lead you to a decision about its correct size.

Introducing a new word: ecophobia. More on those new light bulbs too.

Why we really don't want regulation of the airwaves, well, other than regulation of the property rights to them.

Extraordinarily bad policy responses department. This'll help the food shortages, won't it, removing the ability of farmers to insure the prices they will receive for their crops?

Translating the things said in financial markets.

And finally, at last! A Labour Minister with the right idea about the unemployed.