Blog Review 594


A long but fascinating paper on the changes in inequality in the US in recent decades. Quite the most detailed look at the subject yet done. Something for all sides to argue about in there.

Theory again: recessions and the associated hard times help to make firms more efficient: but they don't have the same effect on public bureaucracies.

Oh dear: our ideological compatriots across the pond have started comparing compassionate conservatism with LBJ's Great Society rhetoric.

Can a university simply up sticks and move if it thinks its endowment is about to be taxed? Should it?

Linux development isn't full of freewheeling vounteers as some thing: might it be better regarded as the Coase's ideas on contracting costs and the firm in action?

What is it that children really want? And would that some of those shouting about the life/work balance would actually listen.

And finally, one of the differences between the two sides of the pond.