Blog Review 595


Yes, we really have tested to destruction the idea that throwing money at public services was going to make things better. Excellent, can we now get on with the job of reforming them?

One chart that explains quite how much pressure the Euro is really under.

An offer to take over the Labour Party: no, not entryism, a straight cash offer. Great ideas occur to more than one person at the same time, of course.

Skip over the insults at the beginning here (however righteous) and look at the demographics in the second part. Yes, the "population problem" has already been solved but it's still going to be an interesting world.

Not often pointed out, but one reason for the expense of US health insurance is the lack of a free market.

Might this awards for this and awards for that culture have got just a touch out of hand?

And finally, how do you like your Thought of the Day? Straight, as it comes, or with the real meaning explained?