Blog Review 611


If you read the latest proposal from the House of Representatives about attacking OPEC. well, you can change it one way, or you can read it as insisting that the House of Representatives should now sue the House of Representatives.

Further oddities: a self-described liberal newspaper is now attacking the very concept of free speech and the freedom of the press.

Netsmith does wonder whether this is an economic indicator that will make it into the standard macroecoonomic toolkit.

Analysing the latest intellectual high speed reverse from someone worried about losing their job.

Politics is really a very messy trade, isn't it?

Things you don't often see. An alternative title might be no, the rest of it doesn't make up for that voice.

And finally, yes, Netsmith knows they scrape the barrel to find contestants for this TV show but really, couldn't they at least find someone who understood the basic concept?