Blog Review 613


Is anyone actually surprised at this? Bureacracies exist to perpetuate bureaucracies, nothing else.

Another view of that "surplus" recently found in the NHS.

On the subject of State monopolies and bureaucracies, would you be interested in a list of Labour MPs who enjoyed a private or grammar school education but would deny such to everyone else?

What happens when you enact sensible and humane laws. Yes, things do get better.

Bill Easterly strikes again: no, we really don't know what makes an economy grow, at least, not enough to be able to make it happen other than by getting out of the way.

If people can see that higher petrol prices cause people to use less petrol, why are they so adamant that the same doesn't happen in a number of other cases?

And finally, explaining why the English dress as they do (or in fact don't to foreign eyes).