Blog Review 614


Yes, more on that sea temperature drop in the 1940s. Turns out it was just a data collection error and yes, that news is now spreading. But the much more important question is, what other errors are there in the temperature records? More here again.

On slightly different matters environmental: yes, the profit motive is a very powerful incentive for people to reduce resource consumption, even WalMart.

And Oxford Colleges, those forcing houses for the intellectually gifted, seem to have problems with environmental matters.

Who can take seriously a political journalist who knows nothing of (or at least ignores) public choice economics?

Of course, not all economics is quite so important. The professor who worked out the economics of scrabble, for example, was consistently beaten at the game by his wife, who cared nothing for such abstractions.

The perils of blogging....sometimes the message escapes.

And finally, well, and finally really.