Blog Review 619


To celebrate World Environment Day, a list of things you really might want to think about doing to protect the environment. That list is both true and useful but more importantly it will enrage all the right people.

Netsmith does wonder how popular this idea will be: cutting MPs' pay might indeed be wildly successful with the electorate but unfortunately they're not the people who get to decide.

Another example of gross overspending of taxpayers' money. Central government just doesn't seem to be able to get value, does it?

Explaining the BBC's insistence that it does not overpay. Essentially, it's claiming that the BBC does not pay more than the BBC.

That globalisation, trade, release the handbrakes on the economy thing. Seems to be making the poor rich which is what we all want, yes?

For the Colonial Cousins, a possible reworking of the Pedge of Allegiance.

And finally, the real reason to have that Britishness day on different days in different parts of Britain. Well, someone's got to remain sober that day, don't they?