Blog Review 620


One of the truly enjoyable things about the internet is seeing a great big blog spat in full flood. Start with Kathy G here at The American Prospect, telling us all how wonderful the Swedish system is. Then Megan McArdle points to a few lacunae and then at Reason a heavy whipping is delivered. All most, most enjoyable.

This doesn't seem to be good news, the imposition of a particularly disastrous set of leftish economic policies upon another developing nation.

Especially when this report points out that security of property rights is at minimum a necessary foundation for development, if not suffficient.

A further report from that Canadian anti-free speech case.

One argument for why national savings rates really aren't important.

On the history of knife carrying by teenage boys.

And finally, what we've all been waiting for. A spam filter for our email that actually works.