Blog Review 627


Further (as if it were needed) evidence that The Guardian really doesn't understand this liberal capitalism thing as yet. Well, yes, big surprise, eh?

Yes, this is the US rather than the 42 days here, but the Supreme Court makes the point that habeas corpus idea really is about what the State may not do to the citizenry. Security from terrorists isn't the point: it's security from those who would rule us. (How 42 days was reached here.)

More on that disconnect between the Westminster Village (as the saying goes, there's an awful lot of villages across the country that have lost their own idiots) and the general population.

No, this really isn't all that much of a surprise. What, you thought bureaucracies were there to aid you rather than control?

This bureaucracy seems a little less malevolent but the basic structure is similar.

Netsmith is going out a little on a limb here but it is at least arguable that there have only ever been three major inventions. Agriculture, the scientific method and the limited liability corporation.

And finally, yes, Wellesley really is different than Vassar for as the man said, if all the students at Vassar were laid end to end no one would be at all surprised.