Blog Review 629


An interesting thought: changes in petrol prices will change the relative values of land: the further from the centre of a city, the less expensive it will become, other things being equal. This might then change, say, US cities, make them more European perhaps?

That Irish Referendum was the so called "Plan D". The next step will probably be the plan with no name, for none will admit to it.

This is certainly true: while it might be some of the same people who worry about, say, the EU and civil liberties, that doesn't mean that a campaign about civil liberties has to have anything to do with the EU.

There really is something rather odd about the American newspaper industry. Very odd indeed.

So who is it that makes those windfall profits which should thus be subject to windfall taxes?

Do the Greens really want to drive us back to this lifestyle?

And finally, good news for first husbands, perhaps not for first wives.