Blog Review 631


The Starve the Beast theory of Government (don't give it any money, it'll only spend it) has always come under a lot of fire from various lefties. Odd then to see that various lefties are now complaining about how the Starve the Beast policies constrain their room for manouvre. As, umm, the Theory is designed to do.

If you're not sure what Hayek was talking about with cosmos and taxis, try here for a very good description. Yes, we're on the cosmos side of that divide (more formally, cosmos is the default position, except when clearly proven that it isn't).

Something from the taxis side: some would argue that simply because it has introduced no new regulations therefore a bureaucracy is failing in its work.

It would also appear that, at least when asked, some of the African recipients of our aid would rather not have it: cosmos again, not taxis.

It appears that the EU's new Justice Commissioner is a convicted criminal. Joy.

Yes, these are US figures, but look at the death rate for cannabis consumption. Can we stop the War on Drugs now please?

And finally, identifying a hypocrite.