Blog Review 636


How remarkable: a defense of MPs who fiddle the expenses system. Difficult to say that it's an entirely convincing defense, but it is a good attempt.

Another "advance" in the cause of human rights. According to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, religion is no longer a suitable subject for their discussion.

Switching to civil liberties at home, it appears that the law will be changed to allow anonymous witnesses. Silly old Romans, silly Americans, silly Common Law itself for insisting that this is not justice.

An engineer crunches the numbers: it appears that windmills are ten times more expensive than nuclear power plants per unit of installed capacity. That can't be right, can it? No government would advocate something ten times more expensive than it needs to be would they.....oh, wait a minute....

There seems also to be some doubt in the collective mind of the general public as to whether this climate change thing is all it's cracked up to be anyway.

Something to think about: "no personal transportation industry has ever sustained profitability without monopoly power after it ceases to be a luxury good."

And finally, the reason you don't understand the newspapers is because they're written by those who speak another language....and the reason you don't understand politicians is because they don't tell the whole, unvarnished, truth.