Blog Review 639


For skullduggery and nefarious target hitting at Remploy, try these two posts. (More here) And for an overview of why the incapacity benefit system needs reform, try this one.

It would appear that all investors require the same macro-economic backgrounds.

Proving that there was indeed an eclipse at around the time the Odyssey was set, and eclipse which is mentioned in said Odyssey, does not of course prove that the other events in the poem are also factually true.

Just why is there this push to recycle everything? Other than the fact that we're being told we have to do it, of course.

Did you know that the NHS provides us with higher levels of avoidable mortality than the French system? Even, if you can believe it, higher than the US one? Might that be why no one has bothered to copy this Wonder of the World?

Raising the school leaving age might not in fact change very much at all.

And finally, a new type of public intellectual.