Blog Review 651


Here's something to annoy the biologists: both Wallace and Darwin got some of their inspiration from Malthus.

That ever longer working week idea: Americans now spend only 28% of their waking hours working as opposed to 61% only a century and a half ago.

The optimal approach to slowing climate change might not in fact be the optimal approach to climate change.

Getting technical on measuring the benefits of trade: Stolper-Samuelson is broken if you consider that ownership of factors of production is shared.

Limiting the new domain names: the morality police would be better off arguing for all the rude words as new domains.

Things are bad when a respectable middle aged lawyer dreams of doing this to the Prime Minister: "would have given the oily little tick a good kicking behind the bike sheds."

And finally, well, just what is the best thing since sliced bread?