Blog Review 652


Can hatred (or perhaps mistrust) of the profit motive really stop us from moving to better structures?

Odd fact of the day: the maker of toy cars is now worth more than the maker of real ones.

Odder fact of the day, that the man who came up with this idea is a professional academic.

While this is about the US, it does neatly describe some people's beliefs about the NHS.

The implication of this new research, that changing climate only affects poor countries, is clearly that we should make sure that there are no poor countries by the time the projected climate change happens. Fortunately, the IPCC's research into such climate change explains exactly how to do that.

Quite why anyone is getting upset about Uma Thurman smoking in Pulp Fiction is unknown, given all of the other things that happen in the movie.

And finally, an appalling attack upon Parliament.