Blog Review 661


It never fails. A few weeks back Will Hutton wrote that what the UK needed was an equivalent of the GSEs (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae) in order to prevent a meltdown in the mortgage market. Netsmith knew something would come of this and as sure as eggs is eggs, we've not got respected economists stating that it was the GSEs that drove the bubble and thus caused the subsequent crash. Why is outlined here. Also here by Larry Summers. If we didn't already have Will we'd have to invent him so that we'd know what not to do.

Worth remembering the larger picture too: the last few decades have seen the largest reduction of poverty ever in the history of our species.

One that will really tie various Greens up in knots. It looks like GM crops could have a large role to play in reducing the emissions said to lead to climate change. What will they do?

A strange thought: perhaps the majority of people are actually saving too much for their retirement, not too little.

If people shout at you and call you names, does that mean your argument is wrong? Or that it's right but people don't want to admit it?

Of course convicted paedophiles shouldn't be allowed to live next to schools and playgrounds. Well, maybe of course, for they've got to live somewhere after release from jail: why not under a motorway bridge?

And finally, vital scientific research which clearly deserves more funding:

(The) important question of whether the average age of Playboy centerfolds has risen, fallen, or stayed constant. As you can see from the graph below, the average age has, indeed risen from about 21 to about 23 over the past 50 years, about the same change in age of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends over that same period.