Blog Review 672


There was something sensible that Lenin said (no, really): "Kto Ktogo?", "who benefits?". Worth remembering when a group calls for regulations, standards, for members of that group. It's not from the milk of human kindness that they do so, but from pure self-interest, protecting the group against upstart competitors. Yes, even nutritionists.

We have an awards nomination, but perhaps one that the writer won't be all that happy to get: for the "least economically literate article in the mainstream press this year". Our congratulations to John-Paul Flintoff (for it is he).

Yes, land use restrictions have indeed been part of the cause of the housing bubble.

It seems that if we do have carbon taxes (or cap and trade) we don't need any associated carbon tariffs to deal with Johnny Foreigner.

Something a little different: NASA has now posted a database (perhaps a gallery is better) of some of their amazing images.

Something very different: Peter Rabbit meets Sven Hassel.

And finally, writing to a politician with advice.