Blog Review 674


If you'd like to know why the Government's plans for computer systems, databases, identity and in general all things tecchie are quite such a mess, you might find some clues here in this podcast with the "tech czar".

There is of course direct action that you can take if you're upset with the growth of surveillance and the database state.

There might be something of an unexpected consequence (and how rare are those?) of the changes in the law on murder and manslaughter. Would a battered wife in fear of future violence be equivalent to a householder in fear of future violence from an intruder?

We add our congratulations to Guido's for the Guardian's financial results. A 4.99% effective tax rate is indeed good going.

Who would have thought it? The War on Drugs isn't working very well.

Excellent news, ten things we don't have to worry about. Plastic bags being one of why has there just been an announcement on dealing with the perils of them?

And finally, why prosecute this guy and when domain names go wrong.