Blog Review 675


George Orwell's diaries are to be released in (almost) blog form starting next week here. Here's a celebration of the fact and here's what seems to be an advance extract.

Netsmith hadn't realised this at all: Wikipedia is regularly used as a reference by the US courts.

The government might start guaranteeing mortgages: umm, didn't this at Freddie and Fannie contribute to the US mess? One economics professor sees a flaw as well.

Detailing quite how much of the rising energy bills come from government action. It's not all market action you know.

From the US, Obama seems afflicted with the same problem that many of our own leading leftists have over education for their own children: choice for the few not the many.

Also from the US, a Brit abroad visits a gun show. A sound idea in all he thinks.

And finally, not the most unexpected of scientific research outcomes.