Blog Review 680


A long post (and to be continued) but if you'd like to know what went wrong with Fannie Mae this is an excellent place to start. Yes, there were indeed faults with the incentives both faced by and set by politicians (Surprise!).

A trailer for a BBC series: Netsmith would make the point that this shows exactly why we don't wantto reduce what some call "hypermobility": it's essential to the way we live, not some undesirable add on.

And interesting question: how is that that avowed lefties can write such capitalist dramas? Without perhaps even realising it?

Asking what is the value added of the World Bank: not a lot seems to be the answer.

Another fascinating question: what would FDR think of today's Social Security system?

One contender for the best passage from Solzhenitsyn's works.

And finally, a worthy image for a poster perhaps?