Blog Review 683


There are those who tell us that the current financialmarket problems come from too great an appetite for risk. Here's one contrarian who argues that it's all actually to do with too small an appetite for risk. Huw far you buy into the argument is up to you but he makes a compelling case.

Sadly, not every Nobel Prize winner in economics gets everything in economics entirely correct.

Evaluating risks: yes, we do need to do so, but Remember Bastiat! Look for what is hidden.

Given that one of the most efficient organisations in the country is the entirely charitably funded RNLI, why not organise libraries (and other things) on the same basis?

Quite amazing how these anti-capitalists attempt to get rich in a very capitalist manner by advertising their anti-capitalism, don't you think?

Continuing with capitalism: rich people's rooftops in New York City.

And finally, what happens when corporate advertising executives try and get down wif de youf.