Blog Review 685


To catch up with events in Georgia, start here and keep scrolling. Yes, there's a blogger based in Tbilisi reporting.

The first Olympic gold medal this year was awarded to quite possibly the best shot in the world.

More Olympics: why is it that every international sport is run by those we would, in polite company, perhaps best describe as scumbags?

Not a surprise: govenment regulation is negatively correlated with social capital: true, they don't go quite so far as to insist that regulation itself degrades social capital...

Of course, regulation comes into being via legislation, so it wouldn't be all that much of a surprise if this sort of legislation did produce a downgrade in social capital.

Having a written constitution is all very well: but it's rather important to check upon what is actually written in it.

And finally, perhaps not what he meant but it is what he said.