Blog Review 687


Well I never....raise taxes and the income from taxes falls. Who could have predicted that? Certainly not the politicians who were depending upon the rise in taxes to close their budget deficit....

You might like this and you might not: a long and complex yet entirely illuminating post on the intricacies of the climate change debate. There appears to be some nefariousness going on....

You might also like this: an actual climate scientist pooh poohing the exagerrated claims about polar ice and sea level rises.

Tim Worstall of this ilk gets a well deserved correction to his comments on the value of recycling.

If the thugs have taken over land and property, can we get peace by giving the thugs property rights to them? Surprisingly, yes is a possible answer.

If you're at a loss these slow summer afternoons, tales from the Soviet archives.

And finally, a disturbing revelation about Gordon Brown's next book.