Blog Review 693


Netsmith isn't quite sure about the figures here but can this possibly be true? That the stocks of uranium and plutonium held by the nuclear system are listed as neither asset nor liability? With uranium at $65 a lb? Don't these people have accountants?

Is environmentalism really a religion? There certainly are some similarities. (Netsmith can't quite forgo the obvious commonality, the resistance to logic.)

How's the upmarket TV channel doing then? Not much justification for either subsidy or public ownership there, eh?

Yes, licensing authorities are indeed all too often used to protect the industry, not the consumer. Imagine if food recipies were regulated the same way?

If immigration, as some say, drove up house prices, given falling ones, should we have more immigration?

We're not as well served by the press as we might think: can no one check facts any more? More such from across the Pond.

And finally, what the intertubes really need: better egosurfing software.