Blog Review 695


An interesting thought: if amateurs operating on the kitchen table had better outcomes than trained surgeons then we'd pretty quickly mull over both the surgeons' training and their monopoly on legally cutting people up. Given that untrained homeschooling parents do often do better than trained teachers, why aren't we looking at said training and their monopoly?

There are excellent reasons for the existence of a welfare state, of a safety net, of social insurance. But taxing the dustmen to pay for the Duke's Don Giovanni isn't one of them.

Interesting news coming out of Africa.

Ever wondered quite what it might be like living next to a windfarm? The environmental damage they do?

Most disturbing news. Someone in government has a sense of humour. On the ohter hand, the presence of such a japester at the heart does explain a lot of the past 11 years.

On the subject of government, no, it is not our protection from the ills that can afflict us. Very much not so: it is the law which does that, including protecting us from the ills that government would afflict us with.

And finally, that Policy Exchange report dismembered in one line.