Blog Review 698


A detailed look at why that green dream, the organic smallholding, just isn't going to work for everyone. When people start talking about resource use they always forget the labour required.

Yes, once again, free trade is a good idea, yes, it does add to GDP growth.

Beware of bright ideas until someone's told you eaxctly who is going to pay for it all, how and when.

Certainly one way of looking at it. Rising inequality, a growth in the number of the rich, is a good thing, because it means that you can raise more taxes by taxing the rich!

The socialist calculation problem was always that you couldn't get enough information to make the decisions you wanted to make. This now seems to have extended itself to something a little more basic, like our own ONS. The numbers now just aren't good enough to make decisions upon.

No, you really shouldn't believe what you read in the papers, even when hundreds pick it up and pass it on.

And finally, just how hard is it to get an award?