Blog Review 704


Perhaps the ECB should read more Milton Friedman? Another rise in euro interest rates with recession imminent? Isn't that what caused the Great Depression?

The numbers behind this "windmill on every hill" programme really just don't seem to add up at all.

Once again, people forgetting that destroying jobs by being more efficient is a good thing.

For those who hanker after socialism: don't you realise that markets are indeed "the principle of a self-organizing populace, not subject to the dictates or interests of any exploitative, oppressor class, but freely associated and pursuing, each person, his or her own course."?

The economic reasoning behind why so many "community leaders" are so vociferous.

Contest time! Economic haikus (erm, that's haikus about economics, you aren't allowed to economise on the number of syllables).

And finally, given that the BBC prosecutes so many of us for non-payment of their tax, you'd think they would know this, wouldn't you?