Blog Review 706


Another example of why we really shouldn't have national pay deals.

It's often said that it'sthe "religious right" who are against evolution. So why is it that so many lefty political ideas implicitly reject it?

The importance of property rights. Yes, even to oil wells. If you think they're going to be stolen from you at the next change of governement then you're not going to run them for the long term.

The number of drug deaths have been published. A low number and even that made worse by illegality rather than the drugs theselves.

There's an awfully large number of people claiming to have predicted the sub-prime crisis. To have really done so of course you needed to say why, not just that it would happen.

In the last two paragraphs here there's a great truth about how the UK is actually governed.

And finally, an earlier form of French protectionism.