Blog Review 716


Your piece of mindboggling stupidity for the day. A call for an EU wide minimum wage. The distortions a national one cause between, say, Newcastle and London are bad enough, but between Luxembourg and Lodz?

A proposal for the greatest act of knowledge transfer in history. Rather a good one actually.

For those who aren't quite up to speed yet: a Pigou tax provides the solution to CO2 emissions even if it doesn't reduce emissions at all.

Why does David Beckham get paid so much? Because he's worth more than that to those who pay him.

Netsmith is sure there's a Hayekian point that can be made here. Spontaneous learning perhaps?

Is this the sort of inequality that would should still have in a modern society? Hereditary footballers?

And finally, apparently you can't give things to the American government. Not if it's the marble to make a statue from at least.