Blog Review 724


All those speculators running riot, eh? Terrible, isn't it, especially when we can show that specluators helped to lower the oil prices.

It appears that politicians think ther constituents are dumb. Well it's true that they were elected by them, so there's some proof at least.

Not so dumb: denying a researcher the data to test whether the actions by politicians were dumb.

Why we might not want to trust the IPCC. They've told us how many climate change might threaten with greater water stress....but not how many will be made safer from water stress at the same time. So we're not told that the sum total will be fewer suffering from water stress.

One reason why banning short sales might be a bad idea. It will bankrupt the Wall Street brokers.

More banning short sales: why stop people from trying to tell the truth as they see it?

And finally, everyone has off days. Fortunately.