Blog Review 730


We like direct investment around here. We especially like peer to peer loans to African entrepreneurs. Yes, another site following the Kiva template except you actually earn interest this time.

Another year, another set of Tax and Benefit Model tables. We really do have to raise the personal allowance so as to take the working poor out of the tax net.

Had enough shocks yet? No? Are you ready for a really large shock? Someone (someone sensible even) praising a Bush speech.

On the merits of international trade: both sides think they've got a bargain.

Will the US Treasury make a profit on the AIG takeover? To be honest, it looks as if they already have,

Interesting question. Why are Scottish jobs more valuable than English ones?

And finally, yes, of course there are Wall Street jokes floating around. Some of them are even quite good.

Two investment bankers take a much-needed break and go duck hunting. After three hours and no luck, one banker turns to the other and asks, “Do you think we need to throw the dog higher?"