Blog Review 732


Those changes to immigration status, those requirements to carry ID cards: dissuading just the sort of entrepreneurial, value adding immigrants that we'd rather like to encourage. About par for government action, isn't it?

Well, what would you expect from such almost Stalinist planning?

Yet more proof that the assignation of property rights is the way to solve Commons Tragedies. And yet even more:

This is a wonderful result for a whole host of reasons -- good for fish, good for fishers, good for fish consumers, good for the interactions in the fish ecosystem, good for fishery policy, good for economists who argue that institutions matter and that effective institutions for common-pool resource governance can lead to superior outcomes.

Anyone willing to bet that the EU will reform the CFP in this obviously sensible manner? No?

State schools cost more than private ones: given the relative performance, why do we even bother to have the State ones?

How about Nigel Lawson as the most redistributive Chancellor of modern times?

And finally, Petrov day and why we should celebrate it.