Blog Review 737


If you think that things are bad here in the financial markets take a gander at this report on the Russian ones.

Looking at the other financial crisis, the government books, quite how much do we need to cut spending so that we can cut taxes?

Imagine that someone proposed a law to make it illegal to wash your car in your own drive. Do you think that The International Carwash Association would support it?

Do he rich have too much economic power? Well, compared to what? Congress has much greater economic power, no?

An excellent letter to our friends on the left, explaining what's been going wrong and what we might do about it.

Asking the really important economic question. Trend growth in the US has been about 1.8% per annum for, well, forever really, since there was a US. What is that magic bit that has made this so when many other parts of the world simply cannot manage that?

And finally, liveblogging the VP debate.