Blog Review 759


Another index that we should be looking at to check the real economy: The Baltic Dry Index. Measuring the price of shipping and thus an insight into the levels of trade.

It's always nice when people go to the trouble of correcting the more inane interpretations of what Adam Smith actually said.

Special checkouts at the supermarket for those buying alcohol. One way to undermine this and as one wag pointed out, this'll just be an express checkout line, won't it?

Going back to Keynes and Hayek to look at why the boom happened (without which of course there wouldn't be a crash).

Summer time, double summer time (and remember to change the clocks tonight!)...they're about saving energy aren't they? Pity they seem to increase energy consumption then.

Venezuela looks to be in serious economic trouble. Social spending is all very well but you've got to keep up the investment that finances it too.

And finally, demand in the gag-gift market.