Blog Review 760


Sadly policy about prostitution seems to have been informed (if not hijacked) by those with something of an ideological axe to grind. To the benefit of nobody, certainly not prostitutes.

On the same subject, a little hopeful trying to stop politicians (insert favourite euphemism here) people isn't it?

As we keep telling everyone, incentives matter

“Blair’s Treasury Secretary, Gordon Brown, does not necessarily have his interests aligned with his boss, in the way that Bob Rubin does. So Brown had less incentive to stop Blair from saying something foolish."

Would people shout so loudly for minimum wages if they realised that they actually lower wages?

Why is everyone decrying greedy bankers? Giving money to someone who won't repay it is generous surely?

The smaller the political unit the longer the lifespans it appears. Well, that's the European Union dealt with then.

And finally, look who is hoping that we do ban high interest no collateral loans.