Blog Review 788


You can find examples of spontaneous organisation, of industrial self-regulation, all over the place, for example in the porn industry.

No, this isn't a good time to be joining the euro....just as when economic times were better was not a good time.

Shock horror at the idea that the BNP is concentrated in urban (ie, Labour voting) areas. Umm, there's more of everything in more highly populated areas, isn't there? At least, more of every type of human, that's what more highly populated means isn't it?

Once again markets reveal the truth: this time it's that, no, recycling does not make sense.

A new game to play at Comment is Free. Comment cricket.

For students of perverse incentives. Now appears to be a great time to set up a bank.

And finally, though why set up a bank when you might get one free?