Blog Review 796


Remember all those lives that were being saved by the smoking ban? All those heart attacks not happening amongst passive smokers? Turns out, to put it politely, that there was a certain amount of untruth being told here.

Everyone's agreed that we need fiscal policy to bring us out of recession. But, umm, has there ever been a peacetime example of fiscal policy bringing us out of recession?

Regulation, externalities, diseconomies of scale and how to stop government from imposing them upon us.

Yes, we've been told this before. The balance of trade doesn't matter for it's not countries that trade but people.

Something that economists didn't see coming: that those banks which said they were passing along risk were in fact holding said risk.

The economists in the new Democratic team don't appear to be all that Democratic really.

And finally, what surfing beach lifeguards can tell us about spontaneous order, the little platoons and the creation of society.