Blog Review 805


You know, there might be a reason why the top people at Exxon are paid so much money. They at least didn't get taken in by the bubble.

Getting it the wrong way around. There are some areas of life and the economy too important for us not to use markets.

Explaining the green and scaly option.

Even in these hard times there are still some people making their fortunes. You might not want to help them do so though.

One banker explains why he shorted Merrill. Essentially, whatever the boo boo, they always seemed to end up getting the short end of the stick. So it's not quite shorting Merrill, rather betting that there would be a future boo boo.

(Serious bad language warning). How those Government consultation exercises work. They're more a consultation of government than a consultation by government.

And finally, explaining the auto bailout.