Blog Review 815


"I Pencil" turns 50 years old this month. It remains, for the layman, the best explanation of how and why markets work. Worth spreading the word about it.

To a rather more complicated question. How much is climate change likely to cost us and how much should be willing to pay to make sure that it doesn't?

Benford's Law strikes again! Bernie Maddox's investment returns breached the law.

Which is more truthful? That the Maddox strategy was symptomatic of the private investment business or more so of the entire public sector?

A truly excellent idea. Paying banking bonuses in illiquid sub-prime mortgage securities.

Something that various greens (and Greens) could learn from an environmental economist. Yes, those green collar jobs are a cost of such schemes, not a benefit.

And finally, on how the experience of felling your own Christmas tree can be ruined by British public  information films.